I am a Software Engineer since 2006. I have contributed to many different industries.

My main work over these years is to ensure the software is behaving as it is supposed to, bringing value to the end-user, and delivering reliable, performant, and flexible application. The application needs to ease the work of the user, not a blocker or a burden.

My peers are invaluable to me, and I often connect stakeholders and the development team, translating the business needs into valid deliverables. Also creating tools for a better development experience, sharing industry patterns of software development and practices to align business needs and maintainable software standards.

Since 2022 I have been an AWS Serverless Community Builder sharing those values outside my company. I value the open-source principles and I contribute to some open-source code.

I am experienced with the whole lifecycle of complex applications, their architecture and infrastructure. I worked deploying applications on-prem, alternative clouds and cloud platforms.

Some passions includes:

  • Teams upskilling
  • Full stack development (Architecture, CI/CD implementation, Tests)
  • System analysis for performance tuning
  • System architecture for critical environments
  • High availability, database administration and data engineering

Some links:

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