API and Database Redesign

Company: EdTech

Typescript serverless APIs construction with tenant and domain isolation model on AWS services (multi-service and multi-infrastructure architecture)

  • Typescript
  • Esbuild
  • AWS Lambda
  • DynamoDB
  • EventBridge, SQS, SNS
  • Serverless constructs
  • CDK
  • CI/CD with Codefresh

 Goals of the Project:

  • Reduction of security exposure through hardened, isolated databases and APIs for secure access. 
  • Flexibility in developing product modules for innovation without being encumbered by technical debt. 
  • Enhance security by controlling access to the Naviance core system concepts through a single gateway and split of Naviance database into smaller logical sections.
  • Database Redesign - Create very legible and easy to understand ERD 
  • Ability to apply stricter controls, including tenant isolation, on the Naviance core system concepts.  
  • Clear and visible business rules around data sharing (high school ⬄ district relationship). 
  • Elimination of redundant work in adding and maintaining tenant data (especially product subscriptions). 
  • Reusable middleware components to implement tenant isolation on cloud native solutions like DynamoDB and S3. 
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