Broadband Map NZ

Broadband Map NZ is an independent source of information about Internet connection in New Zealand. You can use it for checking broadband options before buying, renting or building a property, for finding a different provider in your area, and for learning more about Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB) and the future of fibre in your neighbourhood.

Enter your home or business address and check what broadband options are available at your location and what is a speed range at your address.

You can also learn about broadband connection types in New Zealand and choose a data provider by location or technology.


  • AWS
    • APIGateway
    • EC2
    • Lambda
  • Docker
  • GDAL
  • Github Actions
  • Mythril.js
  • Packer
  • PostgreSQL
  • PostGIS
  • Python
    • bandit
    • pip
    • poetry
    • pylint
    • safety
  • Terraform


  • Containerization (Docker) of related applications and microservices
  • Leverage of unit and integration tests including test coverage


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