Sistema do Candidato – Vestibular UERJ

From: 2011 until now

Manages an academic selection process for new students income at UERJ (State University of Rio de Janeiro). The system is divided into modules that correspond to phases or management areas of the process. The aim is to select the best candidates for each course, respecting academic requirements, national and state laws, and the candidate option.


  • Register
  • Exemption
  • Enrollment
  • Quota reservations
  • Payment
  • Financial
  • Logistic / Production
  • Evaluation (multiple-choice and subjective)
  • Classification



It is important to determine "event". An event is the system leader entity. Almost everything is related to an event. The event is the representation in time of a defined contract established by the organization that own vacancies and candidates. This contract determines all the vacancies and all admittance rules.



This is the initial module and handles users account registration.

User account register is a single entry point for actual user data, password, authentication control and user permissions. The system is prepared to attach roles to eligible users so that those users can perform administrative functions. It is possible to create a role template with a set of permissions to be attached to users or to attach specific permission to a specific user (time or non-time based).

This module controls password changes and recovery.


The event's Commission may or may not reserve a period of time when a user applies to be exempted of enrollment fees from a specific event. The application is based on rules defined by the Commission and the user should send documents that testify the eligibility. Then, the result is published after the Commission analysis.

This module controls the exemption eligibility application, user documents uploads, commission specialists attachment to analyze all documents, the analysis and the final result.


When a user has an interest in any opened Event, he can register to present his intention to be enrolled and concur to a vacancy. The enrollment will be confirmed when the user has an exemption positive result for this event or after paying the enrollment fee.

This module controls the enrollments based on the event's rules and required information, such as if a user can be enrolled in more than one vacancy option; if the user should choose a region to attend the exam or a foreign language; if the user will mark an eligibility to reserved vacancies; if the user asks for a special service when attending the exam derived from a temporary condition as pregnancy and injury or a fixed condition as any kind of deficiency; if the user should respond to a survey; and any other data that should be captured and is determined by the event requirements.

Quota Reservations

When foreseen by the event, a user can ask to compete on reserved vacancies based in the category that applies to him. Quota reservations can be any freely defined group chosen by the responsible institution or forced by law. As quota reservations examples: afro-descendants, indian descendants, students from public schools, sons of military dead in combat, deficient, etc. The quota reservations result is based on documents that must be sent by the candidate.

This module controls the quota reservations option in the enrollment and, based on the business rules, requires additional data and or documents to be sent. After the enrollment period, all confirmed enrollments are transferred to specialists analysis of the documents. The specialists are related to each event and they input all their analysis in the system, that at the end of analysis period process the result and make it public to the candidate, showing the successful application for the reserved option or the unsuccess enumerating all motifs indicated by the specialist.


Manage enrollment payments, using interfaces for banking communications. After running all business logic, the module update enrollment status.

This module also generates payment statistics based on each event. The metrics are based on day, region, academic formation and other insights. The module also feeds the financial module.


Manage financial movement for each event. It is necessary to keep registers about all incomes and outcomes from a particular event and be able to assert if an event was profitable.

The gathered data is very granular and can be tracked by item, type of product, subproject, vendor and cost center.

Logistic / Production

Distributes candidates through all evaluation locations. This distribution may contain several business rules, based on candidates, vacancies and/or institutions characteristics. This distribution also determines how all physical material is produced, labelled, identified (and desidentified) and secured.


This module generates all related users scores.

For multiple-choice exams, the module reads the digital image of the exam, processes the responses and processes them. It is stored total score point, correct answers and total score per discipline, and each response status (letter or choice and correct answer). All this data is therefore once more processed to apply approval rules.

For documental exams, the module processes all sent documents and specialized reviewers information generating the final score. All this data is therefore once more processed to apply approval rules.

For subjective exams, there is a subsystem for online correction per discipline. After applying all business rules for each discipline regarding correction, the final results are processed and loaded as a test final score.



Techonologies: PostgreSQL, PHP, Java, Flex, JavaScript, Angular, jQuery