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Treezor: a serverless banking platform

This case study dives into how Treezor went serverless for their banking platform. From legacy code running on servers to a serverless monolith, and then event-driven microservices on AWS with Bref.

Treezor is a high available banking application running mostly in PHP.

Wait, is cloud bad?

Forrest Brazeal review 37signals (Basecamp) movement from the Cloud back to DataCenter, their use-case and some reasoning about the mentioned arguments for Data Center.

ECS Blue/Green deployment with CodeDeploy and Terraform

How to make Rector Contribute Your Pull Requests Every Day

Do you enjoy making code-reviews with hundreds of rules in your head and adding extra work to the pull-request author?

We don't, so we let Rector for us in active code review.

Docker for the late majority

This is a guide for people who would like a brief introduction to Docker and are too afraid to ask for one. I get it. Everyone around you already seems to know what they’re talking about. Looking ignorant is no fun.

10 Essential PHP.ini Tweaks for Improved Web Performance

If you're running a website or web application with PHP, you may have encountered issues with slow loading times, high memory usage, or other performance problems. Fortunately, there are several tweaks you can make to your PHP configuration file (php.ini) to optimize your scripts and improve your website's performance. In this article, I'll cover the top 10 most common changes you might need to make to your php.ini file for best performance.

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