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  • PHP 8.1: more on new in initializers

    I could not agree more with Brent when he says concerning the "new in initializers"[1] feature: PHP 8.1 adds a feature that might seem like a small detail, but one that I think will have a significant day-by-day impact on many people. When I see this new feature, lots of places that use Dependency Injection[3] […]

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    CASL CASL (pronounced /ˈkæsəl/, like castle) is an isomorphic authorization JavaScript library which restricts what resources a given client is allowed to access. It’s designed to be incrementally adoptable and can easily scale between a simple claim based and fully featured subject and attribute based authorization. It makes it easy to manage and share permissions […]

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    What is Domain-Driven Design (DDD) A definition of DDD as a software design discipline How to refactor without overtime and missed deadlines A lot of software engineers, including myself, are passionate about code quality. This striving for a well-shaped codebase, while getting things done could cost one quite a few hours and nerves, though. I’m […]

  • PHP Memory Usage and Performance Improvements Tips

    Memory usage and performance improvements make everybody happier, from end-user to cloud and infrastructure engineers. And they are all right, and this is an optimization that we should try to achieve as much as possible. I am also keeping this page for a reference to my future self because we cannot rely too much on […]

  • PHP Test Coverage Using Bitbucket and Codacy

    Wikipedia: In computer science, code coverage is a measure used to describe the degree to which the source code of a program is tested by a particular test suite. A program with high code coverage has been more thoroughly tested and has a lower chance of containing software bugs than a program with low code […]

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    Replicação: o que mudou Detalhes das mudanças na replicação do PostgreSQL desde a versão 9.0 até a 9.6. What the hell are Generics and would I want them in PHP? So everyone is talking about this hip “new” kid on the block for PHP: Generics. The RFC is on the table and a lot of […]

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    Crie um proxy SOCKS em um servidor Linux com SSH para ignorar filtros de conteúdo O método mais rápido para melhorar o desempenho de qualquer Servidor de Aplicações Web PHP usando MySQL ou PostgreSQL Getting first and last values per group Every so often someone needs solution to getting first (or couple of first) values […]

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    Dply – Serviço permite criar um servidor Linux na nuvem que fica disponível por 2 horas gratuitamente Promise Anti-patterns Promises are very simple once you get your head around them, but there are a few gotchas that can leave you with your head scratching. Here are a few that got me. PG Phriday: Why Postgres […]

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    PG Phriday: Displaced Durability Há tabelas que possuem dados com os quais você não se importa de perdê-los. São situações de dados transientes, como áreas de dados passageiros, tabelas temporárias persistentes, tabelas com dados crus de importação. Por quê não aproveitar o fato do PostgreSQL oferecer a opção de ser UNLOGGED? Ainda mais porque pode-se […]

  • Codility – MissingInteger

    I scored 100% in #php on @Codility! https://codility.com/demo/take-sample-test/missing_integer/ Training ticket Session ID: training5FZX3Y-S7H Time limit: 120 min. Status: closed Created on: 2016-01-17 05:31 UTC Started on: 2016-01-17 05:31 UTC Finished on: 2016-01-17 05:35 UTC