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Bulk Processing with BULK COLLECT and FORALL

Prime Indicator Lets You Quickly Switch Between Nvidia And Intel Graphics [Ubuntu 14.04]

Como redimensionar discos no Virtual Box

Como mapear permanentemente uma unidade de rede no Ubuntu

PostgreSQL Bi-Directional Replication

A Small Database Does Not Mean Small shared_buffers

Another mantra often heard in PostgreSQL circles is that you usually don’t want to set shared_buffers higher than 8GB. I will admit, that for a majority of users, that is great advice and a good starting point (and a whole lot more useful than the default 32MB).

Changing Owner of Multiple Database Objects

pgAFIS: Biometric Elephant

Some biometrics inside PostgreSQL. Usage, implementation, use-cases and performance.

I want to add CORS support to my server


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VirtualBox: Disable time sync between host and client

Building PhoneGap Apps with AngularJS

Using Nvidia Graphics Drivers With Initial Optimus Support In Ubuntu 13.10 Got Easier With Nvidia-Prime

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