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    ACME Support in Apache HTTP Server Project We’re excited that support for getting and managing TLS certificates via the ACME protocol is coming to the Apache HTTP Server Project (httpd). ACME is the protocol used by Let’s Encrypt, and hopefully other Certificate Authorities in the future. We anticipate this feature will significantly aid the adoption […]

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    The history of replication in PostgreSQL Taming Forms in AngularJS 1.3 Ultimo Dia Util Considerando Feriados em Oracle PL/SQL HTTP access control (CORS) Detalhes do lado do cliente na utilização de CORS. CORS on Apache Use vimdiff as git mergetool Instruções para utilizar vimdiff como resolvedor de conflitos do GIT git ahead/behind info between master […]

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    WebLogic Auditing Desmistificando URLs amigáveis com php e htaccess (apache) Criando slideshow do zero com javascript puro Crie seu próprio servidor caseiro de arquivos com BitTorrent Sync no Ubuntu New Finding Unused Indexes Query

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    Como instalar e configurar Oracle Database 12c How To Optimize Your Site With GZIP Compression Compression is a simple, effective way to save bandwidth and speed up your site. A modern browser is needed to enjoy modern web content and modern web speed — so gzip encoding it is. Here’s how to set it up. […]