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ACME Support in Apache HTTP Server Project

We’re excited that support for getting and managing TLS certificates via the ACME protocol is coming to the Apache HTTP Server Project (httpd). ACME is the protocol used by Let’s Encrypt, and hopefully other Certificate Authorities in the future. We anticipate this feature will significantly aid the adoption of HTTPS for new and existing websites.

Postgres Hidden Gems

Postgres has a rich set of features, even when working everyday with it you may not discover all it has to offer. In hopes of learning some new features that I didn’t know about myself as well as seeing what small gems people found joy in I tweeted out to see what people came back from. The response was impressive, and rather than have it lost into ether of twitter I’m capturing some of the responses here along with some resources many of the features.

Why upgrade PostgreSQL?

Usage should be simple – pick from which version you want to upgrade, to which version you want to upgrade, and press gives me… button.

Introducing DNS Resolver, (not a joke)

Cloudflare’s mission is to help build a better Internet and today we are releasing our DNS resolver, - a recursive DNS service. With this offering, we’re fixing the foundation of the Internet by building a faster, more secure and privacy-centric public DNS resolver. The DNS resolver,, is available publicly for everyone to use - it is the first consumer-focused service Cloudflare has ever released.

My Favorite PostgreSQL Queries and Why They Matter

Below, I present a combination of 8 differing queries or types of queries I have found interesting and engaging to explore, study, learn, or otherwise manipulate data sets.


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The history of replication in PostgreSQL

Taming Forms in AngularJS 1.3

Ultimo Dia Util Considerando Feriados em Oracle PL/SQL

HTTP access control (CORS)

Detalhes do lado do cliente na utilização de CORS.

CORS on Apache

Use vimdiff as git mergetool

Instruções para utilizar vimdiff como resolvedor de conflitos do GIT

git ahead/behind info between master and branch?

Ter a informação de quantos commits há atrás/adiante do seu branch no git

GNS3 1.3 – A ferramenta perfeita para quem gosta de redes

O GNS3 é um simulador de redes bastante “real”, que emula os mais diversos equipamentos activos de uma rede: routers, switchs, PCs, telefones, firewalls, etc. Considerando por exemplo um router, o GNS3 permite-nos emular o IOS (sistema operativo dos equipamentos Cisco) de um router real e proceder às respectivas configurações.

Compressão de imagens em formato otimizado com menor perda possível (quando não sem perda).


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WebLogic Auditing

Desmistificando URLs amigáveis com php e htaccess (apache)

Criando slideshow do zero com javascript puro

Crie seu próprio servidor caseiro de arquivos com BitTorrent Sync no Ubuntu

New Finding Unused Indexes Query


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Como instalar e configurar Oracle Database 12c

How To Optimize Your Site With GZIP Compression

Compression is a simple, effective way to save bandwidth and speed up your site. A modern browser is needed to enjoy modern web content and modern web speed — so gzip encoding it is. Here’s how to set it up.

Gzip Compression Checker

This tool checks whether gzip compression is enabled on the web server hosting your website. After connecting to your web server, the tool\'s result page will display whether gzip is enabled and also provides additional details regarding the effectiveness of the compression and the actual savings in bandwidth for the specified page.

Recursos para aprender noSQL

Como migrar um repositório de códigos Svn para Git

More AngularJS Magic to Supercharge your Webapp

Window Functions: PostgreSQL\'s Best-Kept Secret

Window Functions