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PostgreSQL Tuning: Key Things to Drive Performance Performance is one of the key requirements in software architecture design, and has been the focus of PostgreSQL developers since its beginnings Illuminate your career If you are a developer, this article is for you. 5 Things You Have Never Done with a REST Specification How to to […]

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docz It has never been so easy to document your things! usql A universal command-line interface for PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle Database, SQLite3, Microsoft SQL Server, and many other databases including NoSQL and non-relational databases! Agendando tarefas com o Cron para Node O Cron para Node é um pacote npm que nos permite fazer o agendamento […]

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Plan for the unexpected: install diagnostic tools on your PostgreSQL servers There’s a lot of information out there on how to configure PostgreSQL, on the importance of backups and testing them, etc. But what about the server you run PostgreSQL on? We tend to pay a lot less attention to tools that you won’t need […]

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How to Measure Execution Time in Node.js Design Pattern Workshop Recently on the pgsql-performance mailing list, a question popped up regarding Postgres RAM usage. In this instance Pietro wondered why Postgres wasn’t using more RAM, and why his process was taking so long. There were a few insightful replies, and they’re each interesting for reasons […]

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Dply – Serviço permite criar um servidor Linux na nuvem que fica disponível por 2 horas gratuitamente Promise Anti-patterns Promises are very simple once you get your head around them, but there are a few gotchas that can leave you with your head scratching. Here are a few that got me. PG Phriday: Why Postgres […]

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Tables and indexes vs. HDD and SSD Although in the future most database servers (particularly those handling OLTP-like workloads) will use a flash-based storage, we’re not there yet – flash storage is still considerably more expensive than traditional hard drives, and so many systems use a mix of SSD and HDD drives. pgBackRest 1.0 Released […]

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Como instalar e configurar Oracle Database 12c Cache de navegador com .htaccess How To Optimize Your Site With GZIP Compression Compression is a simple, effective way to save bandwidth and speed up your site. A modern browser is needed to enjoy modern web content and modern web speed — so gzip encoding it is. Here’s […]

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Business Logic in the Database | Taming Serpents and Pachyderms ToP 10 – Artigos sobre redes informáticas em 2011 no Pplware | Pplware CodeYear: que tal aprender a programar em 2012? The wonders of Any Element – Postgres OnLine Journal Cheat Sheet : All Cheat Sheets in one page jQuery: dicas de otimização e performance […]

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Coluna: O camaleão é um fingidor? | Revista Eletrônica do Vestibular Sua Língua » Arquivo » pessoa humana É correto “pessoa humana”? Planbox – Agile Project Management tool Gerenciamento de projetos Progressive Enhancement versus Graceful Degradation | Boas práticas de Desenvolvimento com Padrões Web