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Snyk Use Open Source. Stay Secure. A developer-first solution that automates finding & fixing vulnerabilities in your dependencies Reading List – by Mathias Verraes Code Reviews and Blame Culture A common belief is that gated reviews lead to blaming individuals. The opposite can be true.   How to Write a Git Commit Message Why good […]

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Good Engineering Practices while Working Solo How Much maintenance_work_mem Do I Need? While I generally like PostgreSQL’s documentation quite a bit, there are some areas where it is not nearly specific enough for users to understand what they need to do. The documentation for maintenance_work_mem is one of those places. It says, and I quote, […]

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Dply – Serviço permite criar um servidor Linux na nuvem que fica disponível por 2 horas gratuitamente Promise Anti-patterns Promises are very simple once you get your head around them, but there are a few gotchas that can leave you with your head scratching. Here are a few that got me. PG Phriday: Why Postgres […]

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The Linux Mint Blog » Blog Archive » Mint 9: An overview of the new features Blog do Márcio d’Ávila » Maioria das empresas ainda não sabe lidar com aumento de dados Sua Língua » Arquivo » tuitar Linux: Alterado o MTU no modem D-LINK dsl-500B [Dica] fechaTag – Desafio de programação: resolvendo Lights Off […]