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Activate Remote Desktop REMOTELY!!! |

PHP é à quinta-feira – 50 dicas sobre desempenho e segurança | Peopleware

Howto access ext3 partition from Windows | Ubuntu Geek

This tutorial will allow you to access your ext3 partition under Windows, using Sun VirtualBox and Ubuntu. The tutorial is pretty long due to the images, but they explain things easier sometimes (they are not just meaningless screenshots) (forgive me for your scroll button 😛 )

Upload Pie - The Simple Image Sharing Tool

Sharing files with expiration dates

Mantis Bug Tracker

Gerenciamento de erros

TIOBE Software: Tiobe Index

Index of languages being used around the world.

Busca de CEP em PHP, Ajax, PHP, ASP, Java, Python, Flash, XML, C#, Ruby

Color Fading Menu with jQuery | CSS-Tricks

Increase your internet speed with Namebench | Ubuntu Geek

Guia de referência de comando em PT-BR | Ubuntu Dicas

Uma lista com os comandos mais usados no linux em português brasileiro. É possível salvar os comandos em algum imagem para que fique como um papel de parede.

Blog do Márcio d’Ávila » Fraude Surpreendo - Proteja seus dados pessoais

RootSudo - Ubuntu Brasil

Ripando e Gerando DVDs no Linux de forma simples « jmmwrite – simples e direto


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Evitando frustrações com sessões no PHP | Igor Escobar // Blog

PHP web applications can complement state in your applications very easily. Why is an illusion of state maintained by transporting one page and other information between one page and another losing it along the way. you've already lost potential productivity due to bizarre bugs or even security breaches because of these beauties. Here are four tips to save you time and secure your site. (in portuguese)

Javascript: Onunload VS Onbeforeunload | Igor Escobar // Blog

Fico pensando em um caso mais familiar possível para ilustrar a utilidade das duas funções e a melhor que me vem a cabeça é o Gmail. Já pensou em fazer algo parecido com o Gmail? Quando o usuário fechar a janela e alguma requisição estiver em processamento ele da um aviso sobre ela para evitar perda sem necessídade. Muita gente pensa que o evento utilizado para fazer tal proeza é o evento “onunload” mas não é. Existe uma pequena diferença entre os 2 eventos.

8 Regular Expressions You Should Know - Nettuts+

8 expressões regulares que você deve conhecer

The Web Application Security Consortium / The Web Security Glossary

The Web Security Glossary is an alphabetical index of terms and terminology relating to web application security. The purpose of the Glossary is to clarify the language used within the community.

The Novel 100: The 100 Greatest Novels of All Time

pdftk - the pdf toolkit

Dividindo dados em colunas - Mauro Pichiliani - SQL Server

Olá, pessoal. Hoje veremos uma solução que utilizei para manipular um conjunto de linhas e colunas no SQL Server com o objetivo de separá-las em dois conjuntos de colunas e facilitar a visualização dos dados, uma operação que geralmente não é fácil de ser realizada nos bancos de dados relacionais. Apesar de utilizar o SQL Server como exemplo, a técnica apresentada nesta coluna pode ser adaptada para outros bancos de dados que suportem a linguagem SQL sem problemas.

yfrog - Share your images/videos on Twitter!

Media Converter - the fastest free online audio and video converter

Vacation relaxation


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CASL (pronounced /ˈkæsəl/, like castle) is an isomorphic authorization JavaScript library which restricts what resources a given client is allowed to access. It's designed to be incrementally adoptable and can easily scale between a simple claim based and fully featured subject and attribute based authorization. It makes it easy to manage and share permissions across UI components, API services, and database queries.

The Danger of Dark Patterns (With Infographic)

Are manipulative design techniques undermining your product and leading users to make bad decisions? Here’s how to avoid dark patterns and create ethical products that enhance customer trust.

Dark patterns are a popular design topic but defining them can be difficult. That’s because they’ve become so prevalent that many have been adopted as design conventions. It’s crucial to understand these manipulative techniques in order to create ethical products that enhance customer trust.

DevOps: Shift Left to Reduce Failure

The term “shift left” refers to a practice in software development in which teams focus on quality, work on problem prevention instead of detection, and begin testing earlier than ever before. The goal is to increase quality, shorten long test cycles and reduce the possibility of unpleasant surprises at the end of the development cycle—or, worse, in production.

Does varchar(n) use less disk space than varchar() or text?

Tl;DR: No. This is a recurrent doubt due to a real difference in many other database systems. But not for PostgreSQL. Although documentation explains that internally, the core system has a wise way to split and store string data internally instead of simply reserving the total space, it is hard to believe. Here we have proof that there is no real difference.

How to ease the pains of testing legacy code?

Practically every programmer in their career struggled with working on a legacy project or one in which at least part of the job involved some kind of legacy code. I will show you some tips and tricks which will make writing unit tests for legacy applications much easier and less hurtful. Let’s go deep into testing legacy code!


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How Exception to the Convention Does More Harm than Good

We have a project, and to make it easier, we use specific standards. E.g., we use spaces in every file.

But sometimes, we get to a situation when these standards are stressful. We don't understand them and just want them to bend over. How does our short-term need for pleasure affects long-term well-being of the project?

Splitting a Domain Across Multiple Bounded Contexts

How designing for business opportunities and the rate of change may give you better contexts.

Your Jest Tests are Leaking Memory

Jest is designed in a way that makes memory leaks likely if you’re not actively trying to squash them. For many test suites this isn’t a problem because even if tests leak memory, the tests don’t use enough memory to actually cause a crash. That is, until you add one more test and suddenly the suite comes apart. In this article, we’ll walk through why it’s so easy for Jest to leak memory, how to tell if your tests have a memory leak, and then how to debug and eliminate leaks in your tests. Even if you don’t use Jest, it’s still useful to understand the process in case you need to debug memory leaks in other javascript code.

How to handle flaky tests

Flaky tests are automated tests that are non-deterministic. That means they may pass or fail when executed against the same build artifact or deployed system.

If you’ve ever retried the execution of a failed test run in your CI/CD pipeline tool without any code or config changes in order to get a failing test case to pass, that’s an indicator that you have a flaky test case.

Why Serverless Teams Should Embrace Continuous Refactoring

Serverless adoption brings promises to many organizations! Promises of cost efficiency, engineering efficiency, and business efficiency. However, serverless is not a technology that, once successfully adopted, can be left unattended to rust.

The motivation to adopt serverless should never be to get the job done and never look back. If you adopt it with this attitude you will inevitably get into the legacy migration juggernaut that will haunt you much sooner than you anticipated.


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Mocking/stubbing the current Date in Jest tests

This post goes through multiple approaches to mocking, stubbing and spying on the date constructor using Jest.

Don't get stuck

A history about the importance of know your time and to not get stuck.

For this special history guide, we are going to take a trip back in time to see where the seed of Linux was planted — namely via the Unix systems of the early 1970s and how it has progressed through the modern day. Though most are completely unaware of the enormous impact that Unix-like operating systems have planted on our society, understanding its storied history can allow us to realize why the Unix model has lived on far longer and become more successful than any other operating system architecture (and philosophy) in existence.

tmpmail - A temporary email right from your terminal

tmpmail is a command line utility that allows you to create a temporary email address and receive emails to the temporary email address. It uses 1secmail's API to receive the emails.


After a lot of time looking at query plans, we’re still coming across new operation types, fields, and terminology. Many of these terms were tricky to look up and understand, so we decided to share descriptions and useful links for many of the most common in a glossary.


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Dply – Serviço permite criar um servidor Linux na nuvem que fica disponível por 2 horas gratuitamente

Promise Anti-patterns

Promises are very simple once you get your head around them, but there are a few gotchas that can leave you with your head scratching. Here are a few that got me.

PG Phriday: Why Postgres

Generic HTTP Error Handling in AngularJS

Lately during development at one of our clients, Ravello Systems, we decided we wanted better HTTP error handling.

Basically, our perfect solution would have generic handlers for errors, and most calls in the code will not have to do any special work for handling errors. This means that things like authentication problems, server unavailability issues, etc. will be handled in one place — like adding a generic “something went wrong” modal.

The Fastest Method to Evaluate Tune the Performance of Any PHP Web Application Server using MySQL or PostgreSQL

In the Web development world, we often have the problem of choosing the right server to use in the production environment of a Web application.

Maybe we need to buy a new server to handle the expected load, or maybe the customer wants to deploy in an existing server.

In any case, if after deploying and running the application it will show poor performance, then we need to ask the team what we can do to make the application faster or use a better server.

Therefore we need to determine if the application is performing well. Read this article to learn how to quickly determine the performance of an application on the current server.

Postgres 9.6 Features

The Definitive Guide to DateTime Manipulation

As a software developer, you can’t run away from date manipulation. Almost every app a developer builds will have some component where date/time needs to be obtained from the user, stored in a database, and displayed back to the user. – My personal OS report

The script collects a lot of information about the running system and save the output of each commands in a text file, and saves copies of important files in a directory named files. At the end of the script everything is compressed with tar in the global directory.

Faster PostgreSQL Counting

Everybody counts, but not always quickly. This article is a close look into how PostgreSQL optimizes counting. If you know the tricks there are ways to count rows orders of magnitude faster than you do already.


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PG Phriday: 10 Ways to Ruin Performance: Functionally Bankrupt

O uso inadequado de funções em consultas e índices e que arruinam a performance do banco.

A arte da linha de comando

Fluência na linha de comando é uma habilidade muitas vezes negligenciada ou considerada obsoleta, porém ela aumenta sua flexibilidade e produtividade como desenvolvedor de diversas maneiras, sutis ou não. Este texto descreve uma seleção de notas e dicas de uso da linha de comando que me parecem muito uteis, quando usando o Linux. Algumas dicas são elementares, e outras são mais específicas, sofisticadas ou obscuras. Esta página é curta, mas se você souber usar e lembrar todos os items que estão aqui, então você está mandando bem.

Verify that a network connection is secure

Através da captura dos pacotes que trafegam na rede em que você está conectado, verifique se há vulnerabilidades e a  possibilidade de desvio das informações quando você está usando protocolos de encriptação.

7 Essential JavaScript Functions

Funções JavaScript utilíssimas: debounce, poll, once, getAbsoluteURL, isNative, insertRule, matchesSelector

PG Phriday: Partitioning Candidates

Entendendo quando tabelas são boas candidatas ao particionamento

Is sending password to user email secure?

Salvando diff em HTML

PG Phriday: Dealing With Table Bloating

Menu slide-down com seletores avançados


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WebLogic Auditing

Desmistificando URLs amigáveis com php e htaccess (apache)

Criando slideshow do zero com javascript puro

Crie seu próprio servidor caseiro de arquivos com BitTorrent Sync no Ubuntu

New Finding Unused Indexes Query


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PGTUNE: Otimize a configuração do PostgreSQL!

Tuning de banco de dados não é exatamente uma tarefa fácil. É necessário conhecer os rudimentos de bancos de dados, o SGBD utilizado em profundidade, linguagem SQL (ou outra, dependendo do SGBD), além de saber informações precisas sobre os bancos de dados em si e as aplicações que os utilizam.

Change postgres default template0 to UTF8 encoding

Máscara javascript para peso com preenchimento ao contrário

Microsoft Office no Ubuntu? Instale o Kingsoft Office !


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Conversão de MDB para MySQL

Convertendo MKV em AVI

Programar é preciso! Aprenda a programar, independente da sua escolha profissional. Programas ensina a pensar.

The controller pattern is awful (and other OO heresy)