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What is Browsershots? Browsershots tests your website's compatability on different browsers by taking screenshots of your web pages rendered by real browsers on different operating systems. Free tier!

Reinstalando o GRUB

Alguém tentou reinstalar o outro Sistema Inoperacional e ele, genialmente, apagou a MBR e, conseqüentemente, a opção de escolha do GRUB? Agora dá para recuperar. Pelo Ubuntu (distribuição que uso e o do exemplo), é claro.

Ferramentas de segurança de rede

SecTools.Org: Top 125 Network Security Tools

O mundo de lunga: Conexão 3G - Solução para problema com DNS

Para resolver o problema de DNSs para conexões com modems Huawei, que sobrescreve o /etc/resolv.conf
50 exemplos de menu de navegação - interactive charts online!

Ferramenta para montagem de gráfico para colocar em sites | Photo Gallery Software for the Web

Mais um exemplo de uma boa galeria de fotos

Resize your image online - It's easy, it's free!

Redimensionamento de imagens pela web


"O Filmow foi criado para pessoas viciadas e apaixonadas por filmes. A principal ideia do Filmow é que você mostre aos seus amigos os filmes que já assistiu, comente sobre eles e dê sua opinião, na página do filme. Mas, para os que apenas gostam de filmes, o Filmow também é uma rede social onde é possível encontrar pessoas e amigos. No Filmow você fica sabendo quais filmes são lançados, os que estão no cinema e aqueles que já estão em DVD, para você assistir em casa." (

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What is Domain-Driven Design (DDD)

A definition of DDD as a software design discipline

How to refactor without overtime and missed deadlines

A lot of software engineers, including myself, are passionate about code quality. This striving for a well-shaped codebase, while getting things done could cost one quite a few hours and nerves, though. I'm constantly looking for ways to achieve these two goals without significant trade-offs. Stand by for the current state.

How to test a PHP app? PHP unit testing and more

Do you really need to create tests? Of course, there are many reasons to do so – improved quality of software, decreased risks while making changes in the code, identifying errors, checking business requirements, improving security…I could go on and on with that. The point is – tests do make a difference.

Application Modernization Isn’t Just Fighting Legacy Tech

When radical innovations were rare, businesses could afford to treat application modernization as a sporadic reaction to change. A decade ago, most organizations modernized only when they were compelled to.

However, in the era of open-source and continuous innovation, modernization can’t be an isolated, one-off project. Businesses need to embrace a culture that celebrates change to thrive in the digital age. According to a report by F5, the past year has witnessed 133% growth in application modernization.

Responsible tech playbook

As technology becomes more central to peoples' lives, and to what businesses do, and how they succeed, the ethics of technology must come into sharper focus.

Despite technology becoming a critical part of what enterprizes do, it's not always clear how to approach and apply technology in an ethical or responsible way.

The Responsible tech playbook is a collection of tools, methods, and frameworks that help you to assess, model and mitigate values and risks of the software you are creating with a special emphasis on the impact of your work on the individual and society.


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How Exception to the Convention Does More Harm than Good

We have a project, and to make it easier, we use specific standards. E.g., we use spaces in every file.

But sometimes, we get to a situation when these standards are stressful. We don't understand them and just want them to bend over. How does our short-term need for pleasure affects long-term well-being of the project?

Splitting a Domain Across Multiple Bounded Contexts

How designing for business opportunities and the rate of change may give you better contexts.

Your Jest Tests are Leaking Memory

Jest is designed in a way that makes memory leaks likely if you’re not actively trying to squash them. For many test suites this isn’t a problem because even if tests leak memory, the tests don’t use enough memory to actually cause a crash. That is, until you add one more test and suddenly the suite comes apart. In this article, we’ll walk through why it’s so easy for Jest to leak memory, how to tell if your tests have a memory leak, and then how to debug and eliminate leaks in your tests. Even if you don’t use Jest, it’s still useful to understand the process in case you need to debug memory leaks in other javascript code.

How to handle flaky tests

Flaky tests are automated tests that are non-deterministic. That means they may pass or fail when executed against the same build artifact or deployed system.

If you’ve ever retried the execution of a failed test run in your CI/CD pipeline tool without any code or config changes in order to get a failing test case to pass, that’s an indicator that you have a flaky test case.

Why Serverless Teams Should Embrace Continuous Refactoring

Serverless adoption brings promises to many organizations! Promises of cost efficiency, engineering efficiency, and business efficiency. However, serverless is not a technology that, once successfully adopted, can be left unattended to rust.

The motivation to adopt serverless should never be to get the job done and never look back. If you adopt it with this attitude you will inevitably get into the legacy migration juggernaut that will haunt you much sooner than you anticipated.


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Mocking/stubbing the current Date in Jest tests

This post goes through multiple approaches to mocking, stubbing and spying on the date constructor using Jest.

Don't get stuck

A history about the importance of know your time and to not get stuck.

For this special history guide, we are going to take a trip back in time to see where the seed of Linux was planted — namely via the Unix systems of the early 1970s and how it has progressed through the modern day. Though most are completely unaware of the enormous impact that Unix-like operating systems have planted on our society, understanding its storied history can allow us to realize why the Unix model has lived on far longer and become more successful than any other operating system architecture (and philosophy) in existence.

tmpmail - A temporary email right from your terminal

tmpmail is a command line utility that allows you to create a temporary email address and receive emails to the temporary email address. It uses 1secmail's API to receive the emails.


After a lot of time looking at query plans, we’re still coming across new operation types, fields, and terminology. Many of these terms were tricky to look up and understand, so we decided to share descriptions and useful links for many of the most common in a glossary.